front edv kit

'EDC' is a simple acronym for 'Every Day Carry'. In this case it is a kit of things I daily carry with me and helped me in many situations. There are hundreds of kit variations out there, but the exciting part is to put together your personal kit. I've been carrying this kit for at least 4 years with me and the kit of tools has often changed over the last years.
Don't let us lose more time, here is the overview of my current kit:

front edv kit

1. Crowbar + cutter knife multitool

This is my oldest tool I own. It is simply a mini crowbar, with a cutter knife, a bottle opener and a cross screwdriver. It is rock solid and the blades of the knife are replaceble.

2. Zip ties

Everyone needs them. Nobody has them. ~10cm/ ~4in long.

3. USB card reader

Card reader for SD & micro SD cards.

4. 32GB USB stick

This USB stick serves multiple purposes. I've put music on it for car, use it to transfer data from A to B or lend it out to someone.

5. USB condom

This device prevent data exchange between devices. When I want to charge my phone in a hotel lobby or in a rented car I use this USB condom. This prevents any data leakage or 'juice jacking'.

6. Money

You'll never know. Has already helped me a few times.

7. 3,5mm jack cable

I am not a big fan of Bluetooth. Useful for the car or almost any sound system to connect your phone with.

8. 3,5mm jack Y adapter

I only used it once, but I like to have it with me.

9. Micro USB cable

Charging & data transfer.

10. Ethernet cable

I think this one is obvious.

11. Carabiner

Attach the kit to your belt, secure load in a truck, attach a tripod to your backpack... Endless possibilities.

12. Container for small stuff

Content: 3,5mm jack to USB typ-c, micro USB to USB typ-c, smartphone sim/SD card slot opener, multitool in a size of a credit card.

13. Headphones

Second pair of headphones. Really important.

14. Permanent marker black

Gets stolen every 2 weeks. Nevertheless very helpful.

15. Superglue

Trust me, I use at least one per month. We break a lot of stuff...

16. Can't name it

This tool was part of a smartphone repair kit. Used it a couple of times to open or break things. It is a really small crowbar.

17. Tweezer

To be honest: I need this tweezer more often than I thought.

What I might add to this kit:

Flashlight I had a flashlight for almost 3 years in this kit until I lost it last week. Already ordered a new flashlight and I hope it will fit into this bag.
Multitool with a plier A plier would have been useful in the past. Haven't found an optimal tool yet.
Measuring tape Same as the multitool. Would have been helpful a couple of times.

Questions? - Feel free to contact me.