Here we go

What am I even doing here? I don’t know yet either. The initial thought was to create a blog to share my research, tips and get more into various topics such as privacy, it security, crypto currency and so on.

Since I will write about such topics I want to lead by example. No tracking. No ads. No unessesary scrips. No dark patterns. You got the idea.

I try to keep the design user-friendly and clean. The blog is responsive and new features can be implemented quiet easily, I suppose. I use Jekyll, a static site generator. In my opinion it is really easy to maintain and on the other and it is secure. ‘Hackers’ can’t log in and there are no scripts or forms. I’ve been working with it for like 3 day and I love it already.

That it is for now. I may gonna share my roadmap with you, but I am not sure in which form.

Feedback is welcome.